Hey friend? Are you:

  • frustrated because no matter what you do, everything in life always seems to go against you
  • looking for the confidence to stand up for yourself and say ‘No’ when people try to take advantage of you
  • wishing that you had high self-esteem and confidence so you could finally take action towards living your dreams and fulfilling your desires

If so, you have come to right place

There are lots of books, audiotapes, blogs, cds, podcasts, twitter accounts, and generally other people who all believe to be all knowing and can teach you how to overcome everything in your life with simple and easy steps.

Some things take a lot of time; other things can be dealt with at a much quicker pace, but everything takes time and a shit ton of effort, there is no magic pill to changing your life.

As a young adult, I struggled with a lot of issues. I dealt with

  • Severe depression
  • Endless hours playing video games
  • No self confidence
  • Drinking problems
  • Having no friends
  • Not taking to any girls, ever
  • Constant worrying
  • Having 100$ to my name

The list goes on and on, for the vast majority of my young adolescent life (12-18) I was a complete mess.

I then pulled my shit together, found some great resources, earned some great mentors, and genuinely made my life one worth living, instead of nearly ending it.

Look, Im not going to waste your time with lots of sales copy, because I am giving this book away for free

Im not going to tell you that your life will get better with only a few simple steps, because it won’t

The bottom line is that your life is not the way that you want it to be, and you are hoping that this book might be that final piece to the puzzle that is your life, to make you complete and whole and happy.

This will not happen from reading this book

I crafted this book by combining my years of experience with the powerful insights and knowledge of others in order to create something truly impactful, something that you could read and use its guidelines in order to make radical shifts in your own life, by your own two hands.

I wrote this book for myself, to reference the most intense experiences and passages that myself and others have gone through so I can constantly relive it in order to become better

This book will serve as the ultimate resource for you on your path to rediscovering your manhood, and will come with its own challenges that you will have to face, alone.

Don’t let this scare you, let this empower you

If you want to making irreversible change to your life that will dramatically improve nearly every aspect of your being, then you have come to the right place.

I am here to guide on the path to true manhood, will you join me? Or live in your own shadow forever?